Cal-Tot Child Care Center provides quality day care and early childhood education to families of state employees, as well as members of the downtown and surrounding Los Angeles communities. Cal-Tot's developmental program fosters learning through play. Our child-centered environment plants the seeds for a lifetime love of learning by encouraging individual choice. We consider the total development of the whole child, including social, emotional, physical, creative, and cognitive abilities. Teacher-planned curricula follow the children's emerging interests with activities in art, music, movement, science, and reading readiness. In addition to our core teacher-led curricula, we include enrichment programs in music, yogascience, and gardening.  All children engage in activities and use toys and tools appropriate for their developmental stage.

As part of our whole child philosophy, we believe that proper nutrition is critical to the optimal growth and development of children and has been linked to learning and school readiness. To that end, we have partnered with TotPot to provide healthy, home-style farm-to-pot lunches made with quality produce and free of any harmful additives and preservatives.

Cal-Tot strives to create a sense of community among the children and their families, the staff, and the building's state agencies. Cal-Tot's location is a unique advantage for many of our working parents and we encourage family participation to bridge the gap between home and school. The Cal-Tot staff recognizes parents as partners and appreciates the special role of parents as their children's first teachers. At Cal-Tot, we strive to provide an environment that nurtures confidence and self esteem, mutual respect, and problem solving skills. Cal-Tot is committed to creating an inclusive environment.